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Positively Tiny Coaching

Dream Big, Think Small

As an educator and coach, I help people flourish, using the insights of positive psychology and the behaviour design principles taught by Dr BJ Fogg.

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How I have helped coaching clients create Tiny Habits. This feedback is taken directly from surveys sent out by the Tiny Habits team.

Tamra helped me to be more specific with my anchor moments and to be aware of my body’s feelings during these anchor moments.

2021 Coaching Client

Very helpful in ensuring the setting of realistic and specific goals and offering support and encouragement towards achieving them

2021 Coaching Client

Tamra was brilliant giving clear guidance and also giving plenty of time and wise insight in the hows and whys

2021 Coaching Client

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New Course Starts 25th January

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Spirituality, Positive Psychology and the Pursuit of Happiness

This four-week course will give you practical tools and insights from psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour change to jumpstart your quest for an even more meaningful, satisfying, and enjoyable life. We will explore recent research into what a happy life looks like, with particular emphasis on understanding the role of spirituality (broadly defined) as an important dimension of human flourishing. In addition to the weekly sessions, students will learn to apply the ideas in their own lives using the ground-breaking Tiny Habits® method created by Dr BJ Fogg of Stanford University. The course leader, Dr Tamra Wright, is a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach. There are generous discounts for early booking. See the course page for more information and to book. 

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Dr Tamra Wright

I am a Certified Tiny Habits Coach with over twenty years' experience as an educator, academic programme director, university lecturer, leadership trainer, mentor and coach.  I have a PhD in Philosophy, and I specialise in using the Tiny Habits approach to help my students and clients integrate the insights of contemporary philosophy and Positive Psychology into their daily lives. 

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