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Fresh Start 5-Day Challenge

Hack your routines, transform your results


One of my favourite Tiny Habits recipes, created by an artist on my course: "After I see the first light in the morning, I will say 'The day is full of possibilities!'"

If the start of a new year has inspired you to make some changes in your life, it's time to join the Fresh Start Challenge. You'll gain an understanding of why some of your attempts at change (especially New Year's resolutions!) may not have yielded the results you wanted in the past, and learn simple, research-based strategies that will set you up for success this time round. 


Drawing on the original research of Stanford professor and behaviour design expert Dr BJ Fogg, we will look at the keys to creating positive habits that have real sticking power.

You'll learn to generate Tiny Habits® recipes to create new habits quickly and make steady progress toward your goals. Best of all, this approach takes just a few minutes per day and can deliver remarkable results. In fact, many of the most effective Tiny Habits take 10 seconds or less to complete, but they pack a big punch. 


Over 5 days, from Monday 8th to Friday 12th January, you'll work on creating three new habits, in just minutes each day. We will use the evidence-based approach of Stanford professor Dr BJ Fogg, which has helped over 100,000 people make sustainable changes to their habits. 

Course Dates

Kick-Off Webinar

Weds, 3rd Jan
8pm GMT

Daily Email Coaching

Mon - Fri

8th - 12th Jan

Q&A Zoom Session

Mon, 8th Jan

8pm GMT


"A very positive experience that has required minimal effort but has effected significant change and in turn a very positive mindset!"

Important note: This programme is not intended as a replacement for therapy or other treatments. If you have mental health concerns, please consult a mental health professional to help you decide whether this programme is appropriate for you at this time. 

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