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The Happy Habits Club

Would you like to create new habits to improve your health, productivity, or overall happiness?

Whether you want to exercise more often, take up meditation, improve your relationships, or make any other changes, the Happy Habits Club will provide the guidance and support you need, in a friendly, welcoming environment. It's time to forget misguided slogans like 'no pain, no gain', silence your inner drill sergeant, and embrace a more compassionate and encouraging approach. Guess what? This approach is not only more fun, it is much more effective at bringing about lasting change. 

If you've tried making changes in the past but have been disappointed with the results, it's not your fault. The internet and popular publications are full of out-of-date, misleading, and sometimes simply wrong information about behaviour change. But you can learn a simple, enjoyable, and science-backed approach to creating new habits in just a few minutes per day. More good news: the approach doesn't rely on willpower, 'self-discipline', or trying to hack your motivation with carrots and sticks.

Your coach, Dr Tamra Wright, has learned the tools of habit formation from the best of the best: Dr BJ Fogg, a Stanford professor and author of the best-selling book Tiny Habits: Why Starting Small Makes Lasting Change Easy.*  Using the Tiny Habits approach, she has successfully coached over 100 people in creating new habits, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 100% of participants in her most recent programme said they would definitely recommend Tamra as a coach. 

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Photo by  Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

What's Included?

As a member of the Happy Habits Club, you'll get access to online videos from Dr BJ Fogg, giving you a quick and enjoyable introduction to the Tiny Habits method.  You will also receive personalised coaching, via email, from Tamra. At the start of each week you will choose three habits to work on; then, every day (Monday through Friday), you'll receive an email asking whether you've done your habits and offering further advice about how to tweak them for even better results. 

There will also be two bonus live Q&A sessions over Zoom. These 'Happy Habits Café' sessions are a chance to share your successes, get answers to any questions you might have, and learn more about the Tiny Habits approach. (Please bring your own coffee!) 

Think you're too busy? Each habit will take only 30 seconds or less to complete, so, no matter how full your schedule is, you'll be able to start building positive new habits using this approach. 


"Tamra was brilliant giving clear guidance and also giving plenty of time and wise insight into the hows and whys."

Join the Club

Monthly membership includes 3 weeks of Tiny Habits coaching (via email) and two 'Happy Habits Café' interactive sessions

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