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  • Tamra Wright

How long does it take to form a new habit?

I’ve been following Seth Godin for years and always find that his blog is worth reading, whatever the topic.

Last week I was surprised to find him end an otherwise persuasive post by citing an out-dated idea: “A new habit takes at least thirty uncomfortable days to form”. This is wrong on two counts:

1. Forming new habits doesn’t need to be uncomfortable, and can even be enjoyable.

2. New habits can be created very quickly.

You can successfully form a new habit in a lot less than 30 days. I know because I've done it myself, I've coached other people to do it, and I've read BJ Fogg's book Tiny Habits. Fogg, who has devoted his academic career to researching behaviour change, teaches that:

"Emotions create habits. Not repetition. Not frequency. Not fairy dust. Emotions." (Tiny Habits, p. 137)

No fairy dust required to create new habits!

(Image by Riske Mustamu from Pixabay)

Why not try it for yourself and see? You can sign up for Fogg’s free 5-day programme, and one of the coaches he has trained in the Tiny Habits method will help you create 3 new habits. Or, if you specifically want me to coach you through the 5-day programme, please get in touch.

Note on Affiliates: Wherever possible I link book titles to my shop on the UK website. If you purchase a book through my link I earn a small commission. Bookshop is a wonderful alternative to Amazon, as it supports local independent bookshops. On their website they explain that “By design, we give away over 75% of our profit margin to stores, publications, authors and others who make up the thriving, inspirational culture around books!”

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